About Us

Little Dalton is a progressive, bilingual kindergarten guided by The Dalton Plan. The Dalton Plan is one of the most successful child-centred educational models in the world, focusing on nurturing children through giving them appropriate freedom, responsibility, and opportunities for cooperation. Our graduates are expected to have a balanced bilingual fluency in Putonghua and English. Our curriculum is specially designed and delivered by experts to combine rigour and creativity. We are especially indebted to advisors from The Dalton School in New York (the original Dalton school) and Ascham School in Sydney for their guidance and support.

Little Dalton offers pre-K and K1 to K3.  We emphasise bilingual language development, creativity, physical and sensory stimulation especially as related to brain development, and social, personal, and learning skills. Elements of the Dalton Plan will gradually be introduced, although the spirit of Dalton is evident throughout the school.

Little Dalton is committed to providing our graduates with a world class, all-round education. Dalton graduates are inquisitive, self-confident, responsible, social, and independent little learners and thinkers. They are well-equipped for a transition to the primary years either at Dalton School Hong Kong or any leading schools around the world.