International Associations, Advisors and Consultants

Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS)

We are delighted to announce that Little Dalton has been accepted into the prestigious IndependentAssociation of Prep Schools (IAPS).
IAPS is an association with around 650 of the world’s leading prep schools such as Eton College currently in membership. IAPS exists to support principals and head teachers as they strive to deliver excellent standards of education and care. The primary aims of the IAPS is to advise and support members schools in defining excellence. Little Dalton’s membership into the IAPS is in recognition of our commitment to maintaining excellent standards. This includes guaranteeing ongoing training for administrators and teachers, keeping up-to-date with new legislation and policy, sharing best practice with other schools and above all, promising to deliver superior standards of education and care.
As firm believers in The Dalton Plan, we are excited to have the committed support of IAPS in delivering an excellent, well-rounded education to our students. Although each member school is independent, and has its own ethos, all IAPS schools must demonstrate that their practice is tailored to the needs of individual students. We feel that this focus on child-centered education fits perfectly with our vision and execution of the Dalton Plan.
With support from IAPS, and the rest of the ever-growing Little Dalton community, we will continue to work our hardest to provide the best education for our students.


Dr Selina Samuels

Dr Selina Samuels has worked in both the tertiary and school sectors as an educational leader, teacher and administrator. Her expertise is in student-centred learning and in equipping schools, teachers and communities with the capacity to build cultures and environments to promote student independence and self-direction. She has particular insight into the effectiveness of the Dalton Plan; she was a student, then a teacher, and finally a senior administrator at Ascham, a leading Dalton school in Sydney, for many years and has undertaken extensive research into the way the Dalton Plan is supported by contemporary educational theory and practice.

Selina is Little Dalton’s advisor on the Dalton Plan and on educational strategy. She works closely with the teachers, school administrators and the Board to ensure that Little Dalton is informed by current research and implements internationally recognised best practice in education. She takes the leading role in professional development and Dalton training for the teachers as well as developing opportunities for the wider school community to learn about the latest educational research and Little Dalton’s unique approach to child-centred learning.